Rental highlights

Casa Margherita is the perfect place to enjoy the Sicilian enviroment.
The terrace, the garden and the pool are the strengths of this enchanting place.

Sleeps: 4 · Bedrooms: 2 · Bathrooms: 2

Price range: Euro 750 - 1650 / weekly


This beautifully newly built architecturally designed home, is perched on the side of the hill, capturing the sensational views of the Mediterranean sea.

Sleeps: 4 · Bedrooms: 2 · Bathrooms: 2

Price range: Euro 900 - 2000 / weekly


This Sicilian villa with its wonderful pool is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the countryside whilst appreciating the sensational sea views from every angle of the house. Gaze out to sea and breathe in the refreshing sea breeze and admire the beautiful coast of Sicily.

Sleeps: 8 · Bedrooms: 3 · Bathrooms: 2

Price range: Euro 1200 - 3550 / weekly


This tastefully restored house, sits at the end of the cobbled street in a quiet little corner of the quaint Sicilian village of Sant'Ambrogio. The accommodation is spacious and light, with lots of areas to sit and soak up the atmosphere of Sicily. Short walks away from stunning sea and beach views.

Sleeps: 3 · Bedrooms: 1 · Bathrooms: 1



The first floor apartment is situated on the edge of this tranquil Sicilian village with extensive sea views from the front balconies. The beach is just a couple of hundred meters from the front door, making this a perfectly located accommodation, within easy distance to the village bars, restaurants and shops.

Sleeps: 6 · Bedrooms: 2 · Bathrooms: 1

Price range: Euro 350 - 750 / weekly


This quaint apartment is located in the corner of the cobbled streets of Sant’Ambrogio. Recently restored with modern facilities. Simply decorated to create space and comfort.

Sleeps: 4 · Bedrooms: 2 · Bathrooms: 2

Price range: Euro 350-400 - 750 / weekly


Casa del mare is a first floor apartment located in the real heart of Cefalů; between the Historical center and the Lungomare.
The house has a balcony, from where you can see, hear, and small the beautiful sea.

Sleeps: 4 · Bedrooms: 2 · Bathrooms: 1

Price range: Euro 385 - 1100 / weekly

Rental services

Intro to our services

On the arrival day we offer you a welcome package to made your first day in a new village more easy

If you have kids and need a day of relax we can provide baby sitter service also at night

We offer to you a 24h service of transfer with our driver Salvatore