Melanzane parmigiana: sliced aubergine cooked in oil with tomato basil and parmesan, baked in the oven. Caponata: mixed aubergine, olives, tomatoes, celery, garlic cooked in oil. Peperonata: green and red peppers, grilled skinned and cooked in oil. Insalata di mare: seafood salad comprising squid, octopus, clams and strips of carrot.


Pasta alla Norma: a tomato/basil sauce with fried aubergine named after Bellini's opera. Involtini di melanzane: spaghetti with tomato sauce rolled in cooked aubergine, baked with extra cheese. Pasta con le sarde: with fresh sardines, wild fennel, pine nuts and raisins. - sometime served with breadcrumbs. Spaghetti alle seppie: with black cuttlefish ink. Pennette all'isolana: with tuna, tomatoes, capers, mint and olives.


Fritto misto: deep-fried fish and seafood. Pesce Spada: grilled with oil and lemon juice. Salsicce: pure pork, sometimes with wild herbs. Involtini: meat rolled around stuffing and sometimes offal.


Cannoli: crisp pastry cylinders, deep fried, then filled with ricotta mixed with sugar (sometimes vanilla, lemon zest, candied peel, chocolate pieces added) Cassata siciliana: ricotta cake, mixed with sugar and vanilla and decorated with colourful candied fruit on brightly painted icing and marzipan. Ravioli di ricotta: deep fried pastry cases filled with fresh ricotta, and/or cinnamon, honey, lemon zest. Bucconcini: pastries filled with figs & nuts or orange & almonds. Cubbiata: soft nougat.