Where to eat Typical Sicilian restaurants: La Tonnara Florio, Discesa Tonnara 4, (area Arenella) today, is part night club and part pizzeria. Gourmands in Via Libertà 37/e and Santandrea in Piazzetta S. Andrea, offer more classical Sicilian food and Italian wines. Trattoria Biondo, in via Carducci 15, instead offers home cooking. In Mondello: Vecchia Tonnara in Via Mondello 76, is in one of the old tuna factories and offers all types of fresh fish and shell fish. Street Markets: La Vucciria is probably the most famous in Palermo. Open every morning except Sunday until 14.00, just up from the old port (Cala) and in Via Cassari-Argenteria up to Piazza S. Domenico. Nearby are also the markets of Ballarò which is held in the area of Piazza del Carmine and the market of Capo (the first part, around Piazza Beati Paoli is the picturesque food market. The second part in Via S.Agostino and Via Bandiera is the clothing section). The Flea Market (piazza Peranni-Papireto) has antiquities as well as more modern things. Shopping in Palermo: The elegant shopping area is concentrated along Via della Libertà, Via Ruggero Settimo, Via Roma and Via Maqueda. In Via Principe di Belmonte there are some elegant shops as well as bars and cafés for sitting out in the open air: Antico Caffè, Liberty ice cream shop, Au Domino (crepery, bistro), cafè de Paris. Opening hours: All shops are closed Monday morning (food shops on Wednesday afternoon) and are usually open from 9-13 and then from 15.30-19.30. Saturday afternoons they are open from 16-20.00. Banks: Banco di Sicilia – Via Roma and Via Ruggero Settimo Post Office: Poste Italiane Spa – Via Roma For further information:


Opened 8.00am – 6.30pm (winter 8.00am – 12.30pm and 3.00pm – 6.00pm)