RESTAURANTS & BARS Lo Scoglio Ubriaco: Via Bordonaro, 2/4 Tel 0921 423370 Closed on Tuesday. Open only on Saturday and Sunday in winter. Family-run restaurant serving excellent fish and pasta with large outside terrace overlooking the rocks below. Also does excellent pizza in wood fired oven only in the evenings. According to legend a boat containing a cargo full of barrels of wine, ran aground on the rocks below the restaurant. The sea turned dark red and the whole of the area became drunk, hence the name of the restaurant “The Drunk Rock”. L’Antica Corte: Corso Ruggero, 193 Tel 0921 423228 Closed on Thursday. Closed in Winter. Family run restaurant with tables inside and out. Very good seafood risotto. Ostaria del Duomo: Via Seminario, 5 Tel 0921 421838 Open everyday in summer. Good Sicilian food near the Duomo. Il Normanno: Via V. Vanni, 9 Tel 0921 925903 or Sig. Gaetano 328 1036566 Open everyday in Summer (usually closed on Saturday the rest of the year) A cosy, yet elegant ambience, where one can taste delicious Sicilian cuisine, provided by attentive and efficient staff. Al Gabbiano: Lungomare G. Giardina, 17 Tel 0921 421495 Open everyday in summer (during the rest of the year, it is preferable to call the restaurant to check). Good value, excellent antipasti. Kentia: Via N. Botta, 15 Tel 0921 423801 Specialises in dishes with artichokes! Il Covo del Pirata: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 59 Tel 0921922249 Open everyday in summer. Usually closed on Wednesday the rest of the year. Variety of antipasti, salads and main courses which can be enjoyed from a balcony overlooking the old port and sea. Antico Sapore: Via Vittorio Emanuele / Piazza C.Colombo Ice-cream bar. Excellent home made ice-cream with a bewildering variety of flavours. Outside terrace overlooking the sea, an excellent place to watch the sunset. Bar Duomo: Piazza Duomo, 24 Tel 0921 421164 Open everyday during summer. Closed on Tuesday the rest of the year. Excellent Sicilian marzipan cakes and ice-cream, also good tavola calda. Tables outside in the square. SHOPS Torrefazione: Corso Ruggero, 120 Tel 0921 922348 Open 9.00am-1.00pm, 4.00pm – 9.00pm. Open everyday during summer (closed on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday the rest of the year). Excellent selection of Sicilian wines, Grappa and liquors. Also stocks local produce, conserves, jams, chocolate, biscuits etc. and Sicilian olive oils. They roast their own coffee beans, which they sell as beans or ground. Sapori di Sicilia: Via Vittorio Emanulele, 93 Tel 0921 422871 9am – 1pm, 4.00pm – 8.00pm. Open everyday (closed on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday afternoon in winter. Selection of local meats and cheeses which they will make up into panini. Piccolo Mondo Antico: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 91 – Tel 0921 423386 Corso Ruggero, 154 – Tel 0921 925001 Open 9am – 9.00pm, every day. Traditional Sicilian puppets made of wood and iron. A Lumera Ceramics: Corso Ruggero, 180 – Tel 0921 921801 Via Bordonaro, 86 – Tel 0921 422038 Open 9.00 – 1.00pm, 4.00pm – 8.00pm, everyday. Handmade ceramics from Santo Stefano. Robinson: Via Madonna degli Angeli, 3 Tel 0921 422245 9.30am – 13.00pm, 4.30pm – 9.00pm, everyday (in winter closed on mornings from Monday to Friday). Robinson “chi cerca trova” “who looks finds it”. Large store with all second hand items from books, to clothes, small items and furniture. Pastry/cake shop Pasticceria Pietro Serio : Via G. Giglio, 29 Tel 0921 422293 Family run pastry shop with traditional Sicilian delights. The oldest pastry shop in Cefalù, well known by the locals and throughout Sicily. Enoteca Le Petit Tonneau: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 49 Tel 0921 421447 Open 9.30 – 1.00pm, 4.30pm – 8.00pm, everyday Large stock of Sicilian wines. Free wine tasting in English of sweat wines (malvasia, passito and marsala). Other Sicilian wines can also be tasted, cost depending types of wines chosen. Bruschetta with local toppings included in the tasting. Rosticceria De Gaetani Antonino: Contrada Gallizza Tel 0921 422407 Open at lunchtime and Saturday evening (orders possible the other days). Closed on Tuesday. Sicilian take-away foods – arancini with filling of aubergine/cheese, meat, mushrooms and cheese/ham. Experience eating our traditional take-away foods. Panificio Gold Bread: Via Roma, 32 Tel 0921 422222 Open 9.00 – 1.00pm, 3.30pm – 8.00pm. Closed on Sunday Many excellent varieties of breads. Libreria Misuraca: Via Matteoti, 18 – Tel 0921 424298 Via Porpora, 5 – Tel 0921 922834 (open in summer) Open 9.00am – 1.00pm, 4.30pm – 9.00pm open every day. Bookshop with a selection of English guide books and novels. Photo shop Profoto Studio: Via Roma, 46 Tel 0921 923116 Download photos from digital camera to CD approximate cost Euro 3 per CD, Euro 5 per DVD. Erboristeria: Via Umberto I, 28/A Tel 0921 921598 Closed on Sunday (and Monday morning out of tourist season). 9.00am – 1pm, 4.30pm – 8.30pm Good selection of natural products. PHARMACY Open 9.00am – 1.00pm, 4.30pm – 9.00pm every day. Sometimes closed at weekends as they rotate opening hours with other pharmacies, please see on door/window which pharmacy is opened. Farmacia Cirincione: Corso Ruggero, 144 Tel 0921 421209 Farmacia Battaglia: Via Roma, 13 Tel 0921 421789 Farmacia Vacanti: Via Vazzana, 6 Tel 0921 422566 LAUNDRY/DRYCLEANING Lavanderia Montreal: Via Roma, 62 Tel: 0921 423384 SUPERMARKETS There are several supermarkets in Cefalù. Opening hours during the summer months (July and August): Monday to Saturday 08.30am to 8.00pm – on Sunday opened from 8.00am to 1.00pm. Rest of the year: Monday to Saturday 08.30 to 1.00pm / 04.30pm to 8.00pm - Closed Wednesday afternoon – open on Sunday in September and October 8.30pm to 1.00pm. Sidis: Via Vazzana Tel 0921 921640 - 0921 420411 Next to the Post Office. Arriving by car: entering Cefalù (from the eastern side) go straight on at the first roundabout, pass the Esso Service station on the right, piazza San Francesco on your left, continue along via Mazzini, straight on at small round about, after 100 metres turn right via San Pasquale, at junction turn left via M. Pintorno, continue on this road until next junction, turn left via Vazzana, just passed the Post Office on right entrance to Sidis. Ample parking, need to take a ticket to enter the car park. The cost for parking is Euro 1.00 per hour, if you shop at the supermarket show the cashier your ticket, you will be given another ticket “bono valore” which you put into the parking machine first then the ticket that you received when entering the car park, the ticket will be re-stamp as No Charge. Exit the car park on the opposite side as you entered. Conad: Contrada Gallizza On the SS113 near the railway crossing at beginning of Via Roma. Good place to shop if you don’t want to go through the centre of Cefalù, can avoid the centre of Cefalù by taking the road Via Gilbimanna passing the hospital then down to SS113 (Hotel San Lucia in front) turn right then after 800 metres on the right is Conad. Some parking but not too extensive Weekly Market Every Saturday morning from 08.00am to 01.00pm. Fresh produce fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish, clothes, shoes and linen. The market is usally located cemetery down to Hotel Pescatore. Access by car from the road going to the Port or on foot path next to the tunnel as one arrives in Cefalù, (below the rock) the path that leads to the markets. There’s free parking next to the Hotel Pescatore. Note: The market place sometimes changes. It can also be settled behind the railway station or on the lungomare (seawalk). INTERNET POINTS Please note that new anti-terrorism legislation in Italy means that people wishing to use public internet points will have to show ID/passport and sign the register in the shop. Non solo giochi: Via Archimede, 19 Tel 0921 921819 Open everyday. The biggest Internet point in Cefalù. Infocart: Via San Pasquale, 6 Tel 0921 921245 Closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. 9.00 am – 1.00 pm, 4.00pm – 8.00pm BANKS Several banks in Piazza Garibaldi, Corso Ruggero and Via Roma. All have cash point machines. The banks have different opening hours on average the bank hours are from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 1.30pm then from 2.30pm to 4.00pm. POST OFFICE: Via Giuseppe Vazzana Open 8-30am – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, 8-30am, 12.30pm Saturday. Closed Sunday. TOURIST OFFICE: Corso Ruggero, 77 Tel 0921 421050 Open 9.00am to1.00pm / 3.00pm to 7.30pm. Closed on Sunday. PARKING Most of the parking in Cefalù is paid parking which is indicated by Blue lines, cost for parking 80 cents or 1 euro per hour. A parking meter is situated near the parking area. If you can’t find a parking space don’t give up, there’s one hidden somewhere! There’s no charge before 09.00am and between 01.00pm – 03.00pm. It is forbidden to park where there are the yellow lines as these parkings are reserved for the Regional offices. White lines are non-paying parking, usually for Resident only. Private parking areas along the seafront cost of Euro 5.00 – 10.00 per day and next to the train station cost of Euro 1.00 per hour. Alternatively: 1. at the Port of Cefalù as you drive down to the port turn left on the first street and park along the road or next the small building. If there’s no parking there, drive down to the Port and park in front the Pizzeria / Restaurant La Tavernetta. Note do not park directly at the Port or on the road down to the Port – you will get a fine! 2. the road behind the station Via Pietragrossa, you can park along the road (safe place) also if you continue on round to the right (parking area in corner) find a parking along here, there’s a road next to parking area and just before to the roundabout there are steps on the right that take you down to under pass then just before the station on Via A. Gramsci near the station. Advise to pay for parking to avoid confusion and a fine. Historical Centre – Corso Ruggero Open to traffic from 05.00am to 09.30am and 01.00pm to 04.30pm. During these hours one can drive in to unload and load luggage. TRANSPORT To Catania – Train from Cefalù to Palermo Central. From Palermo Central, take bus to Catania airport that runs every one from 05.00am until 8.30pm. For further information on public transport please click on "transport". To buy excursions  Isole Eolie, horseback riding,Car Hire and Transfers to airport :  SICILY RENTAL & SALES di Margherita Cortina tel 333 7709538 . Via salita Guarneri ,7 Cefalù Sant' Ambrogio