Cooking Classes

The idea of cooking class born with Mimmo and his love for food and wine. A love that he want to share with you!

The cooking course in S.Ambrogio are organised by  Mimmo, who will explain how Sicilian food evolved through local traditions, culture and customs.  


An opportunity also to visit Mimmo's cellar where you can taste his superb organic homemade wine.  Mimmo will also explain the traditional method of wine making that has been passed down to him from generations.   


The duration of the course is approximately 4 to 5 hours which includes a meal with wine.


Learn to prepare and cook a complete Sicilian meal which includes:


Antipasti - entrée

Primo - first course probably of pasta

Secondo - main course

Dolci - dessert


The course commences at 10.30 and finishes around 14.30-15.00 (approx.) it will be held in Mimmo's kitchen in the village of Sant'Ambrogio.