I think the best way to help this Sicily that I love is to promote it to people who want to live life as a Sicilian local.

My name is Margherita Cortina. I have always lived in Sicily, and I hope I never have to go away from here, since I think that the only way to help this beautiful land to grow up is to not abandon it.

My goal is to try to make feel my guests at home and to show them all the beauties of Sicily. As Goethe said "Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the spirit. Sicily is the key to everything."

My first experience with tourism started in summer 2007 when I start working with Carmelina Ricciardello and her Sicilian Experience. In the same time I start studying at University in Palermo, Science of Tourism. In 2011 I graduated and I completed my college career with a thesis on Tourism Business driving from women. Taking the example that Carmelina Ricciardello has always gave to me.

My studies and my job increase my interest in nature, history and architecture. My passion for food and wine gave me the chance to be a translator at local cooking classes and wine tasting in the village.

I am a member of the association called Driadi which is an non-profitable association (O.N.L.U.S), established the 6th October 2009, and aims to preserve eco-systems.
Driadi intends beginning operations by carrying out the work that is most urgent such as fire-prevention in one of the last sections of the Sicilian coastline not yet spoilt by human activities, located East of Cefalù. www.driadi.com